Adventure On The Allagash

My experience in the Marine Corps along with my personal, and professional development have given me the qualifications to be a wilderness "survival expert", and prior to becoming the founder/CEO of Northwoods Ranch and Retreat, I led several week long adventure therapy trips along the Allagash.

Education As Therapy

The real answer is that these programs simply do not go far enough. Students who are struggling with traditional education also frequently struggle with mental health issues. These issues require more than merely an effective method of knowledge retention.

Therapeutic Benefits Of A Farm

I split my time between two worlds- psychiatric hospitals and life skills programming on a farm and in the wilderness. People often ask me which is more impactful. My response is always the same. "you can't compare the two because they each have their place"

Understanding Today’s Youth

When we experience something, we assimilate (or absorb) the information learned from that experience; it enables us to make better decisions in the future. So when asked, "Why do teenagers make such bad decisions?" my answer is, "Because they don't know how not to.”